The Succession Planning Project was created to address the need for succession planning education and resources within our rural entrepreneurial communities. Many business owners in Alberta's rural areas are looking to transition out of their businesses in the foreseeable future and we want to ensure that they have the knowledge and tools to do so as successfully as possible. With this project we are also endeavoring to reduce the number of businesses just shutting down, as that has a detrimental impact on small rural towns. 


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Members who want to match with business buyers and/or sellers can create a listing and pay an annual fee or input a coupon code obtained through special programming. Our matching algorithm will then look for profile commonality and send connections requests to buyers and sellers based on member information.

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The Alberta Business Family Institute recognizes the vital impact of family enterprise on our economy, as well as the specialized needs of this unique entity. ABFI is committed to improving the statistics through the provision of essential tools, guidance and knowledge in such areas as:

  • succession and estate planning

  • corporate governance

  • leadership development

  • conflict resolution

  • and more


Selling Your Business or Seeking an Acquisition can be a life altering event. The preparation for either venture requires careful selection of the people you will work with and a clear understanding of the process.

 Our team works collectively to ensure you are equipped to move through each phase of your exit or acquisition with ease.

COMMERCIAL VENTURES specializes in Small Business Exit Planning & Transaction Services.


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